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Lotus Birth Yoga Prenatal Retreat Testimonials and Reviews
Mia Millington
May 2019

I attended the course with my husband (who is a yoga novice) and we both absolutely loved every second of it. Fay is a wonderful teacher in both yoga and midwifery. She is so passionate and knowledgeable and conveys this in such a gentle manner. Fay was always ready for our questions and would patiently answer them all. It was lovely to have this time with someone who has all the knowledge your midwife has but the time to answer your questions.

The daily morning yoga was a lovely way to start the day and I really enjoyed learning all the asanas that will assist in the birth of our baby. The afternoon workshops were very informative and Fay’s midwifery knowledge comes into it’s own here. I especially loved learning about Rebozo and will be taking this knowledge to use during my labour. The afternoon activities designed to bond with your baby were just delightful. I also had a consultation with Fay and now feel confident to tell my midwife what I do and don’t want during my labour and created my birth preferences during the consultation.

The whole experience was so relaxed and set in such beautiful surroundings. I would highly recommend attending one of her courses, the earlier in your pregnancy the better so you can make the most of the knowledge you will gain during your pregnancy. Well done to Fay and all those involved for creating such a wonderful experience.

Yascha Arnold, Yoga Teacher
May 2019

This course was just AMAZING! I can just say, it was like a dream. The place is in the middle of nowhere and the people who were leading the course were such beautiful souls. The classes were so interesting, I learned a lot and Fay is so sweet, you can ask her all the questions you need for your future. And I loved the way she brings the importance of the father in this adventure. The food was so tasty and healthy. It was just a super great weekend to reconnect with yourself. Thanks for everything! I highly recommend you to join this retreat if you want to connect yourself with your baby. ♥

Lotus Birth Yoga Prenatal Retreat Testimonials and Reviews
Dan (and Rona) Aharoni
May 2019

This retreat was one of a kind, such an amazing experience! Fay was extremely knowledgeable, attentive and inspiring. The maternity workshops enabled us to process, reflect and share our thoughts and feelings regarding the pregnancy and birth.

Yoga and meditation sessions were great, we now have a long list of pregnancy-suitable poses and exercises we integrated into our practice! Maite cooked the most delicious (and healthy) food(!!), and ‘Asturias Yoga Shala’ provided the perfect setting for this wonderful experience. Both my wife and myself got back empowered, inspired, relaxed and happy from this long weekend.

Rosie Barrow and Bump/Rosie and Freya
June 2018/June 2019

I attended a prenatal retreat hosted by Fay in 2018 and I can honestly say it was the most positive step I took throughout my whole pregnancy. I was not short of support at home but having those few days to completely focus on being pregnant and truly nurture the changes happening in my body and mind had a huge impact on me. I learnt so much from Fay who’s knowledge extends far beyond pregnancy and birth and I felt like I left the retreat informed and prepared for the following events. I went on the have the home birth that I had planned and I can honestly say that I was able to navigate my way through the birthing process feeling utterly confident that my body could do it.

I have since attended baby yoga classes with Fay who went absolutely out of her way to accommodate ourselves and the babies and make it enjoyable and relaxing for all involved which was no easy task! 

Prior to attending the retreat I remember feeling a bit guilty for having booked it as it felt a bit indulgent but having a positive and empowered pregnancy/birth helped create a strong start to becoming a mother and I now look back as it being one of the most important things I did for myself and my baby!

Lotus Birth Yoga Prenatal Retreat Testimonials and Reviews
Rebekka (and Lieke) Posem
June 2018

I enjoyed Fay’s concept last year in June in pregnancy weeks 32/3. I can say that it was one of greatest things I experienced in my life so far. We started with Yoga early in the morning. Afterwards we enjoyed wonderful healthy breakfast and got to know each other very well from day to day. There was always room for questions regarding our pregnancy and help with all we needed. There were so many specialities during those days that I wished I could do it again with a “with baby concept”.

Fay is a very calm and passionate midwife that I wanted to take her home with me to my birth. I remember that I fell down a little hill because I slipped. I was slightly worried because I could not feel my daughter kicking for more than an hour. Fay showed me the heartbeat with a “microphone” [fetal heart monitor] and checked how she was lying. Shortly after this she started kicking again and Fay gave me such a positive calmness… I just felt amazingly good all the time and I can recommend it to every pregnant woman, to do this for herself !!!

Karen Ong (with Michael and baby Kai)
June 2018

I’m so grateful to our midwife Fay, her partner Cal, our herbalist/ massage therapist Åsa and to Aly and Simon [owners of Asturias Yoga Shala] for organising our prenatal yoga retreat. The experience was so incredibly empowering it brought me to tears on so many occasions (e.g. listening to Aly’s soothing voice during Savasana, hearing Åsa’s home birth stories, saying goodbye to everyone on our last day). I learned so many practical things, including pregnancy-friendly yoga poses, breathing techniques, active labour positions, natural relief options for pregnancy and labour, and delicious vegan recipes. More importantly, I learned how to trust my body’s innate ability to grow and birth my baby. I can only highly recommend the pregnancy retreat at Asturias Yoga.

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