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Postnatal Classes

Although I don’t currently offer specific postnatal yoga classes, I can recommend Sarah White’s classes which have a basis in Pilates. Sarah is the daughter of one of our midwives at the Belford Community Maternity Unit, Fort William and is an amazing teacher. I have personally attended her online classes where she combines breath work and movement with oodles of enthusiasm and encouragement. Here’s what she has to say:

London born, Highlands raised. After 6 years in Glasgow where I gained a scholarship to study dance, I made my way back to London for my degree and new opportunities!

As a dancer, I’ve always been fascinated and amazed by how much the body can do and I’m passionate about showing my clients that they’re capable of much more than they think. Without realising I began to lean more towards women’s health and in particular postnatal recovery and the modern Mum. It can feel intimidating knowing what to do to aid recovery and to be healthy and strong in the postnatal period. My passion is to not only guide new Mums through safe and effective movement but also educate and empower them emotionally to look after themselves as well as their baby in this incredibly special time. Expect some tough love but know that I’m your biggest cheerleader!

A typical class consists of a mobility and release based warm up to unstick and hydrate any common tight areas. We then move onto breath and core connection before moving into the belly of the class with some strength work for the typical weaker areas. Finally, everyone’s favourite, finishing with a meditative stretch and some well earned calm. 

This won’t be a one way conversation. I will often ask for your feedback during class and/or at the end so that I can tailor each session and have you feeling strong, confident and always moving forward in your abilities.

Classes are one hour and are always recorded in case of too many interruptions from little people during the session or last minute cancellations. The beauty of Zoom is that you are always near your baby if they need you. The session can be a great way to bond with your baby if they’re awake or if you’re lucky you might catch some quiet ‘me-time’ if they’re asleep. 

Looking forward to meeting you! 

Sarah x


Sarah Dancer Pose

Class Times:

Thursdays: 12:15pm (I also have Tuesdays 12:15pm available if that’s better or if there’s demand for both)

Fees for live classes or the recording: £10 for x1 class, £80 for x10 classes

I would advise waiting for your 6 week postnatal check up before attending class

Please call or message 07771927869 or email sarahwfitness@gmail.com for more info or to book a class.

Non Pregnancy Classes

I offer non-pregnancy/postnatal guided Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga classes at Three Wise Monkeys Climbing Wall, Fort William every second Saturday of the month. These classes consist of a guided full primary series suitable for beginners and regular practitioners alike, linking movement with breath in a fixed sequence that allows for a clear mind and body connection. Increase your strength and flexibility both physically and mentally with this challenging style of yoga. (If you are postnatal, I recommend at least 6 weeks having passed since you gave birth).

For more info and to book, please visit Three Wise Monkeys Climbing Wall website.